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A little bit about Sandra Barrett...

I was a practicing Health Visitor for thirteen years, retiring from the NHS at the end of May 2016. My experience of empowering families during pregnancy, the postnatal period and beyond has given me both the knowledge and confidence to support and help to prepare you for the arrival of your baby.  As an Infant Feeding Co-ordinator for the past six years, I accessed additional training with UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative UK and I trained, supported and advised staff and parents with infant feeding problems and enquiries, as well as successfully project managing the team to UNICEF Baby Friendly Accreditation status.  I have used the Solihull Approach to support parent infant relationships for many years, and I am a trained facilitator for this course and it's 'sister' course - Postnatal Parent Group.

Using the Solihull approach bump2toddler aims to:

  • Support you to build a positive and responsive relationship with your child
  • Promote your understanding of child behaviour within the context of their development
  • Increase your, and your child’s confidence and self esteem
  • Promote reflective, sensitive and effective parenting
  • Give you strategies for repair to maintain a positive and responsive relationship with your child


"A wonderfully informal but structured approach to our exciting but scary birthing day. The physical and emotional aspects of delivery and having an addition to the family were covered, and Sandra gave my husband and I lots of time to manage our feelings about delivery and our expanding family. Would highly recommend."

"My little boy is 11 weeks old and is EBF however our journey hasn't been without its hurdles. After having two milk blisters and experiencing my second nasty case of Mastitis I was ready to give up. Ready to stop feeding my precious boy and felt so guilty that I was being robbed of our special time. That was until I found Sandra! She went over all aspects of our feeding- from positioning to the anatomy and breastfeeding process and stages. Due to my session with Sandra I now feel able to continue our journey and I know that it will only end when me and my little boy are ready. I cannot thank you enough for the empowerment I feel - you've allowed us to continue making our wonderful milkies memories. Thank you :-)"

"Well it think sometimes when it's all new and the baby is crying all the time (and you're sleep deprived) it's quite easy to feel a little worked up about it and you question what is it your doing wrong, what is the matter etc etc ...and really when your doing is thinking from your frontal lobe and you don't realise that it isn't developed for them...like I never appreciated that at all...and then when she started crying and I realised that me cuddling her wasn't only soothing her it was also making her brain develop the connections it actually made it feel (not enjoyable) but like i was doing more than just soothing her crying,..like it all had a point! And in middle of the night it just made it more bearable! Keeps me sane xx Thank you."

"Sandra, a retired Health Visitor, was brilliant. She was engaging, relevant and non judgemental. She presented us with the facts weighing up the pros and cons. We feel much more confident and well equipped to deal with the birth and the early years of our little boy's life."

Antenatal Services
  • Six week antenatal course
  • Weekend antenatal course
  • Essential workshop – feeding your baby
  • Essential workshop - Getting to know your baby in the womb
  • Essential workshop – you, your baby and the stages of labour
  • One 2 one sessions in your own home, tailored to your needs
  • North Tyneside Pandas peer support group
  • Earsdon and Wellfield breastfeeding peer support group
Postnatal Services
  • Six week postnatal course
  • One 2 one sessions in your own home, tailored to your needs
  • A guide to introducing solid foods
  • bump2toddler - four week postnatal group
  • bump2toddler infant massage course
  • bump2toddler baby yoga course
  • North Tyneside Pandas peer support group
  • Earsdon and Wellfield breastfeeding peer support group